New Shands Quasi-Endowment Studies Funded

Each year the Shands Quasi-Endowment program awards grants to enhance the mission of Shands and other Health Sciences Colleges. This year two Epidemiology faculty were selected for funding for the College of Public Health and Health Professions.

Dr. Cindy Prins will conduct a project entitled, “Efficacy analysis of an automated hand hygiene monitoring system,” which will extend an existing trial of a badge monitoring system at UF Health. This will allow the team to compile more data on outcomes including healthcare-associated infections and patient and healthcare worker satisfaction in the units participating in the trial. The project is in collaboration with Dr. Irene Alexaitis, Scott Brown, Janet Gerner, and Dr. Nicole Iovine.

Dr. Yan Wang’s project, “Improving alcohol use screening among HIV infected patients through advanced psychological testing,” will be conducted in conjunction with the SHARC Center for Translational HIV Research. The study will apply the Implicit Association Test (IAT) for improving alcohol use screening among HIV patients, as the basis for designing more effective and individualized alcohol intervention.