Theses and Dissertations

PhD Dissertations

Alum Graduation Date Mentor(s) Dissertation
Jun, Inyoung 2023 Prosperi Leveraging Real World Data and Machine Learning to Improve Clinical Management of Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus Infections
Falise, Alyssa 2023 Striley, Lopez-Quintero Patterns of DSM-5 Opioid Use Disorder Diagnostic Criteria Met by Age, Social Support, Physical Health Limitations, Pain Interference, and Healthcare Utilization
Cenko, Erta 2023 Pearson, Manini Associations of age-related cognitive changes with physical and social activity in older adults
Dasa, Osama 2023 Pearson The Epidemiology of Racial Disparities in COVID-19 Outcomes: A Multidimensional Analysis
Sajdeya, Ruba 2023 Cook Investigating the Perioperative Implications of Cannabis Use: Novel Approaches and Real-World Data
Smotherman, Carmen 2023 Yaghjyan Air Pollution, Greenness and Their Interplay with DNA Repair Genes in Relation to Breast Cancer
Ilozumba, Mmadili 2022 Cheng, Yaghjyan Examining Gene-Environment Interactions to Elucidate the Role Of mTOR Pathway in Breast Cancer Risk among Black Women
Rich, Shannan 2022 Cook, Prosperi Social-Behavioral and Phylogenetic Network Dimensions of HIV Transmission in Florida
Richards, Veronica 2022 Cook, Wang Identifying Harmful Patterns of Alcohol Use with Self-Report and Objective Measures: A Path towards Future Alcohol Interventions
Swain, Michael 2022 Striley The Acceptability of Opioid Overdose Education and Naloxone Distribution among the Cooperative Extension System Workforce

Master of Science Theses

Alum Graduation Date Mentor(s) Thesis
Tufan, Naile 2023 Gurka Association between Serum Phosphorus and Fatigue among Adults with End Stage Kidney Disease Receiving Hemodialysis
Conger, Christian 2023 Cottler Health concerns and access to care by bipolar status among community recruited persons with self reported cannabis use
Goodnight, Kellie 2023 Cummings Analyzing Antigenic Relatedness and Temporal Distance between Dengue Viruses in Thailand
Freeman, Emma 2023 Stark, Nelson Temporal and Spatial Distribution of Vibrio cholerae and Vibrio cholerae Bacteriophage during a Cholera Outbreak in Bangladesh
Novak, Jonathan 2022 Striley Health Management among Military Veteran Participants of Healthstreet
Popp, Brent 2022 Kimmel Red Cell Distribution Width as a Risk Factor for Mortality in Adults with Hypertension
Gonzalez Paz, Laura 2021 Cottler Factors That Influence Prescription Opioid Use Trajectory among Adult Men in North Central Florida
Asare-Baah, Michael 2020 Rasmussen, Lauzardo Effect of Mixed Strain Infections on Clinical and Epidemiological Features of Tuberculosis in Florida
Mayderry, Dakota 2020 Zhao, McIntyre Peak Height of Branched Chain Amino Acids Are Not Associated with Major Depressive Disorder
Ponder, Hunter 2020 Cook Desired and Undesired Subjective Feelings and Body Effects of Marijuana Use in People Living with HIV