Theses and Dissertations

PhD Dissertations

AlumGraduation Date
Agana, Denny Fe2018Striley, CarekIdentifying Primary Care Relevant Risk Factors to Reduce Readmissions
Akhtar-Khaleel, Wajiha2015CookTrends and Predictors of Cigarette Smoking and Its Association on Cognitive Performance Among HIV Seropositive and Seronegative Men
Azarian, Taj2015Cook, Salemi, JohnsonDynamics of Community-Associated Staphylococcus aureus Transmission: a Genomic and Ecological Approach to Unraveling the Epidemiology of Antibiotic Resistant Pathogens
Ball, Jacob2018Chen, CummingsEpidemiological Models of Infectious Diseases for Clinical and Public Health Decision Support
Bozorgmehri, Shahab2016CanalesRenal Dysfunction After Surgery for Urologic Cancer and Other Diseases
Cannell, Brad2013Andresen, ManiniFrequency and Effects of Physical, Verbal and Sexual Abuse in Older Adults
Chen, Zhaoyi2019ProsperiLevel Analysis of Rheumatoid Arthritis via Multi-Domain Machine Learning
Chichetto, Natalie2017CookAlcohol Consumption among Persons Living with HIV: Patterns and Determinants of Use and Impact on Subclinical Cardiovascular Disease
Crooke, Hannah2017StrileyCannabis Use and Coronary Disease
Delcher, Chris2014Maldonado-MolinaPrescription Drug Monitoring Programs and Doctor Shopping: An Epidemiologic Perspective in Person, Place and Time
Elliott, Amy2020CottlerRacial/Ethnic and Area Deprivation Disparities in the Juvenile Justice Drug and Alcohol Use Services Cascade
Gonzalez, Jennifer2011Cottler, Maldonado-MolinaRisk Factors for Violence Among Early Adolescents: Explaining Gender and Racial/Ethic Disparities in Trajectories of Violent Delinquency
Ha, Sandie2015Xu, Peoples Sheps, Kairalla, Yaghjyan, MendolaEnvironmental Determinants of Oral Clefts
Hu, Hui2016Xu, CottlerNeighborhood Environment and Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy
Hu, Xingdi2015CookAlcohol Treatment Use in HIV-Infected Individuals with Hazardous Drinking: Utilization, Drinking Outcomes and Survival
Ilozumba, Mmadili 2022Cheng, YaghjyanExamining Gene-Environment Interactions to Elucidate the Role Of mTOR Pathway in Breast Cancer Risk among Black Women
Jones, Abenaa2016CottlerSex, Drugs, and Violence: A longitudinal Analysis of SAVA Syndemic among Women Involved in the Criminal Justice System
Joseph, Verlin2020CookMarijuana Use, Pain, and Symptoms of Cannabis Use Disorder among PLWH: A Mixed Methods Approach
Kenzik, Kelly2013HuangPatient-Reported Outcomes in Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant Survivors
Khan, Shivani2017StrileyPredictors of Daily Marijuana Use among a National Sample of US Youth
Lasopa, Sonam2015CottlerPrevalence of and Risk Factors for Non-Medical Use of Prescription Stimulants: A National Study of Youth
Li, Zheng2014Huang, Shenkman, PrinsHealth Outcomes and Pediatric Asthma: A Longitudinal Study
Lissåker, Claudia2015XuThe Impact of Endocrine-Disrupting Pesticides on Overweight/Obesity
Liu, Yiyang2020CottlerCocaine Use Patterns and Polysubstance Use among Cocaine Users from a National Survey
Livingston, Doug2013KomroIdentifying Primary Care Relevant Risk Factors to Reduce Readmissions
Lloyd, Shawnta2021StrileyPredictors of Marijuana Use Patterns and Driving under the Influence of Marijuana among Older Adults
Milani, Sadaf2018StrileyImproving Screening for Mild Cognitive Impairment and Dementia among Racial and Ethnic Minorities using the Montreal Cognitive Assessment
Min, Jae2019ProsperiSelf-Injury Risk Factors and Outcomes among Adults in Florida
Okafor, Chukwuemeka2016Cook, PlankeyMarijuana Use in HIV Seropositive and Seronegative Men Who Have Sex With Men: Trends, Patterns, Determinants of Use and Impact on Cognitive Functioning for Over 26 Years
Osborne, Vicki2018CottlerSex Differences in Risk Factors for Prescription Opioid Non-Medical Use Among Youth
Otufowora, Ayodeji2020CottlerFactors That Influence Generational Navigation to and Enrollment in Health Research among Community-Residing Older Adults in North Central Florida
Radke, Elizabeth2013MorrisIncidence and Risk Factors of Ciguatera Fish Poisoning in the Caribbean and Florida
Rich, Shannan2022Cook, ProsperiSocial-Behavioral and Phylogenetic Network Dimensions of HIV Transmission in Florida
Richards, Veronica2022Cook, WangIdentifying Harmful Patterns of Alcohol Use with Self-Report and Objective Measures: A Path towards Future Alcohol Interventions
Rojas Alvarez, Diana2017Cook, LonginiIdentifying Primary Care Relevant Risk Factors to Reduce Readmissions
Séraphin, Nancy2016Morris, Lauzardo, Cook, Yang, SalemiTuberculosis Acquisition and Transmission among Persons of Haitian Descent Living in Florida, USA
Serdarevic, Mirsada2019CottlerRisk Factors for Opioid Use Patterns Assessed through a Community Engagement Program in North Central Florida
Smith, Nathan2021CottlerSocial Disconnection, Gambling, and Gambling Problems among Youth Aged 10-17 from Six Cities
Subedi, Pooja2021ZhaoEthnicity-Specific Association between Telomere Length, DNA Methylation, Lipidome, and Cardiovascular Disease
Swain, Michael2022StrileyThe Acceptability of Opioid Overdose Education and Naloxone Distribution among the Cooperative Extension System Workforce
Swami, Sunil2014ManiniAnticholinergic Medication Use and Risk of Cognitive Impairment and Dementia in Older Adults with Preclinical Alzheimer Disease
Wang, Kai2018Chen, ProsperiDynamics in Circulating Testosterone Level and Body Weight in Relation to Serum PSA and Risk of Prostate Cancer
Wanigatunga, Amal2016ManiniThe Influence of Structured, Long Term Exercise on Objectively Measured Daily Activity in Older Adults
Waugh, Sheldon2018Cook, BlackburnInvestigating Spatial Dynamics of Zoonoses between Animal and Human Populations: A One-Health Perspective
Wegman, Martin2017Striley, ShenkmanIdentifying Primary Care Relevant Risk Factors to Reduce Readmissions
Wijayabahu, Akemi2021Cook, MaiAssociations between Lifestyle Factors, Micronutrients, and Biomarkers of Biological Aging
Xu, Yunan2018ChenThe Association of Cumulative Cigarette Smoking with Cardiovascular Risk among Persons Living with HIV
Yu, Bin2020ChenSocial Capital and Suicidal Behaviors among Rural-To-Urban Migrants in China
Zheng, Yi2021HuPM2.5 Chemical Compositions and Gestational Diabetes Mellitus
Zhu, Yun2019ZhaoMolecular Mechanisms Underlying Depression: A Multi-Omics Approach
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Master of Science Theses

Graduation Date
Almond, Crystal2018PrinsEffect of Time of Day on Door Opening Rates in Neurosurgical Operating Rooms
Asare-Baah, Michael2020Rasmussen, LauzardoEffect of Mixed Strain Infections on Clinical and Epidemiological Features of Tuberculosis in Florida
Barbey, Sarah2018YaghjyanInteraction between Frailty and Sex on Mortality after Elective Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Repair
De La Torre, Katherine2016StrileyImpaired Lung Function in a Hispanic Diabetes Population: the Relationship between Metabolic Risk Factors and Pulmonary Function
Dissanayake, Upuli2019MaiBacteriophages Reduce Pathogenic E. coli Counts in Mice without Distorting Gut Microbiota
Elliott, Amy2016StrileyIllicit Drug Users Are Interested and Willing to Participate in Health Research
Gonzalez Paz, Laura2021CottlerFactors That Influence Prescription Opioid Use Trajectory among Adult Men in North Central Florida
Kowalski, Allison2017YaghjyanInteraction of Alcohol Consumption and Adjuvant Hormone Therapy in Relation to Breast Cancer Free Survival among Women with Primary Breast Cancer
Li, Danmeng2016YaghjyanInteractions of Family History of Breast Cancer with Radiotherapy in Relation to the Risk of Breast Cancer Recurrence in a Population-Based Breast Cancer Registry
Mayderry, Dakota2020Zhao, McIntyrePeak Height of Branched Chain Amino Acids Are Not Associated with Major Depressive Disorder
Novak, Jonathan2022StrileyHealth Management among Military Veteran Participants of Healthstreet
Nutley, Sara2018StrileyWillingness of Individuals with Eating Disorders to Participate in Health Research
Odom, Gage2019Lopez-QuinteroPerceived Risk of Weekly Cannabis Use, past 30-Day Cannabis Use, and Frequency of Cannabis Use among Pregnant Women in the United States
Ponder, Hunter2020CookDesired and Undesired Subjective Feelings and Body Effects of Marijuana Use in People Living with HIV
Popp, Brent2022KimmelRed Cell Distribution Width as a Risk Factor for Mortality in Adults with Hypertension
Predic, Marko2016PrinsEvaluation of Patient Risk Factors for Carbapenem-Resistant Enterobactericeae Infection
Qi, Jia2019ChengAssociation of Adipose Tissue Distribution with Type 2 Diabetes among Breast Cancer Patients
Reid, Adam2015StrileyDissemination of Therapist-Assisted in Vivo Exposure Therapy in a Sample of Community Practitioners
Rich, Shannan2018CookDeterminants of Virological Failure in HIV+ Patients Receiving Antiretroviral Therapy in Haiti
Seneadza, Nana2020CookA Comparison of Self-Reports and Medical Records for Assessing Risk Factors for Tuberculosis among Persons Living with HIV in Florida
Sharpe, Danielle2016CookSurfing for Flu: Comparing Google, Twitter, and Wikipedia as Tools for Influenza Surveillance Using Bayesian Change Point Analysis
Smith, Hunter2018Striley, ProsperiAn Analysis of Lyme Disease Based on Baseline Factors and the Development of Comorbid Conditions
Struzeski, Joseph2020ZhaoDisentangling Household Transmission: Household Overcrowding and Average Household Size Are Both Associated with Increased Covid-19 Incidence Proportions in United States Counties
Su, Fangyu2016GerkeTelomerase Pathway RNA Expression as a Prognostic Marker for Lethal and Metastatic Prostate Cancer
Swilley, Erica2020ZhaoIdentification of Inflammatory Markers Associated with Alzheimers Disease
Tejan, Jamilah2019PrinsAppropriateness of Urinalysis Orders among Healthcare Workers at a Tertiary Care Hospital
Wang, Yanning2015CottlerMedical and Nonmedical Use of Prescription Stimulants among Youth 10 to 18 Years of Age
Wijayabahu, Akemi2017MaiEffects of Sun Dried Raisins on Gut Microbiota Composition in Healthy Adults
Williamson, Jessica2018Mai, YaghjyanMicrobiota of Cancerous and Healthy Breast Tissue
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