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Views from a pandemic

This tells the personal stories of some of our faculty, staff and students and their experiences during the pandemic.

83rd College On Problems of Drug Dependence Annual Scientific Virtual Meeting

The College on Problems of Drug Dependence (CPDD) is the oldest and largest organization in the US dedicated to advancing a scientific approach to substance use and addictive disorders. CPDD actively promotes basic scientific research in all aspects of substance abuse, and facilitates the sharing of knowledge and new discoveries…

UF Board of Trustees recognized UF Health Screen, Test & Protect Team

Last Thursday, the UF Board of Trustees recognized UF Health Screen, Test & Protect Director Michael Lauzardo, M.D., M.Sc., with a permanent resolution that paid homage to his work and leadership to help guide UF through the COVID-19 pandemic. Board of Trustees Chair Mori Hosseini read the full resolution, highlighting the…

Cottler lab hosts weekly virtual happy half hours

COVID-19 has altered the way we do things, making it a challenge to remain connected. The Cottler lab has taken to Zoom to engage with their team during weekly “Happy Half Hour” meetings. What started as a way to check in with everyone in the midst of everything virtual has…