Epidemiology PhD Student Elected President of PHHP DSC

PhD student in Epidemiology Sadaf Milani was recently elected as president of the PHHP Doctoral Student Council (DSC). The purpose of the DSC is to foster social integration and academic collaboration among the doctoral students in the College. Ms. Milani is a double graduate of the University of Florida who earned both her Bachelor of Science and her Master of Public Health from the UF before pursuing her PhD with the Department of Epidemiology. She served as an Epidemiology representative to the PHHP DSC for a year before being elected president. Her research interests include global health, specifically mental health and access to care. She is also a member of the University of Florida Prescription Drug Workgroup, founded within the Department of Epidemiology. Congratulations to Ms. Milani on being chosen to lead the doctoral students of PHHP!