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C DIS-IV Training On-Demand Available Year-Round!

(Training is required for first-time users)

The Computerized Diagnostic Interview Schedule, Version IV (C DIS-IV) is a fully structured questionnaire designed to ascertain the presence or absence of major psychiatric disorders as outlined in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 4th Edition (DSM IV).

Like the first version developed for the Epidemiologic Catchment Area Studies (ECA) in 1980, the C DIS-IV attempts to mimic a clinical interview by using questions to determine whether psychiatric symptoms are clinically significant and not explained by medical conditions or substance use.

Training is an essential ingredient to the reliable and valid administration of the C DIS-IV and is held on-demand throughout the year. Participants can be trained at University of Florida, Department of Epidemiology in Gainesville, FL, or at their location. Training is required for those using the C DIS-IV for the first time and for persons who want a refresher. License holders and their staff members or designated interviewers should participate. Allow 4 days for training.

Training covers DSM-IV criteria for each diagnosis; how each criterion is operationalized by the DIS; and how to effectively navigate the interview.

Additionally, training covers production and interpretation of reports, as well as conversion of data into a final database that can be used for study analysis. This training course uses lectures, hands-on practice with the C DIS-IV, mock interviews, homework assignments, and culminates in a live interview with a respondent. Another benefit of the training is the opportunity to interact with other investigators, with the authors of the DIS and with the statistical data analysts responsible for the computer programs.

For sales, contact Abigail Zulich, Director of Sales and Training at 352-294-4878.