PhotoNameDepartmentResearch Interests
Babette Brumback, PhD
BiostatisticsDevelopment and validation of new statistical methods related to alcohol and HIV infection, or involving application of a new, state-of-the art statistical method, appropriate for a given data analysis
Jim ChenJim Chen, MD, PhD, FACE
EpidemiologyAlcohol and substance use; Behavioral epidemiology; Quantum modeling; Developmental trajectory analysis; Age-period-cohort modeling; Cardiovascular epidemiology; Social capital; Health Disparities; Stress and resilience; HIV/AIDS
Jeewon Cheong, PhD
Health Education & BehaviorStatistical methods applied to health research, Mediation and moderation analysis, Substance use and misuse among youths and adults, Adolescent risk-taking behaviors, Risk factors of HIV/AIDS
Ronald CohenRon Cohen, PhD, ABPPClinical & Health PsychologyClinical and Experimental Neuropsychology; Cognitive and clinical neuroscience; Neuropsychology of attention; Attention and memory; Anterior cingulate cortex, Short-duration timing; Reward systems and their influence on attention and other cognitive functions; Neuroimaging; Age-associated cognitive and brain dysfunction, Neurodegenerative disorders (e.g., Alzheimer’s disease, vascular dementia, MCI); HIV-associated neurocognitive dysfunction, Cardiovascular-associated brain dysfunction; Biomarker discovery.
Robert Cook MD MPHRobert Cook, MD, MPHEpidemiologyEpidemiology; HIV Infections; STDs; Risk Behavior Assessment; Alcohol and Drug Use; Clinical Trials; Community-Based Research; Infectious Disease Prevention; Primary Healthcare
Linda Cottler, PhD, MPH, FACEEpidemiologyEpidemiology; Global Health; Addiction; Community Based Research; Mentoring Pedagogy; Interventions; Health Inequality;
Robert LeemanRobert Leeman, PhDHealth Education & BehaviorRelationship between difficulties with self-control and addictive behaviors, particularly alcohol, tobacco and cocaine/opioid co-use, the adolescent and young adult populations, novel interventions and human laboratory models
Robert Lucero Robert Lucero, PhD, MPH, RN, FAAN NursingDeveloping and applying health informatics self-management interventions among vulnerable populations, including Hispanic/Latino community-dwelling adults and African-American women living with HIV.
Anna McDaniel, PhD, RN, FAANNursingTechnology for cancer prevention and control; Treatment of nicotine dependence
Sarah Jo Nixon, PhDClinical & Health PsychologyAddiction; Alcohol; Neurocognition
Catherine Price, PhD, ABPPClinical & Health PsychologyAdult Neuropsychology, Dementias and Movement Disorders, Post Operative Cognitive Dysfunction, Delirium, Structural Neuroimaging, White Matter and Cognition, Cardiac Disorders and Cognition
Eric Porges, PhDClinical & Health PsychologyNeurobiology and Cognitive Neurosciences, Mechanisms of Aging and Healthy Development Across the Life Span, Technology Development and Research Methods, Consequences of Neural Damage, including HIV and Alcohol, GABA Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy and Cognition, Vagal Nerve Stimulation and Cognition
Mattia ProsperiMattia Prosperi, MEng, PhD EpidemiologyData science; epi-informatics; biomedical modeling
Marco SalemiMarco Salemi, PhD
EpidemiologyMolecular epidemiology, intra-host virus evolution, and the application of phylogenetic and population genetic methods to the study of human and simian pathogenic virusespolysaccharides, and environmental persistence of Vibrios
Jalia Tucker,PhD, MPHHealth Education & BehaviorBehavioral economics of substance misuse and recovery; Community-based HIV/AIDS risk reduction; Telehealth applications
Yan Wang, PhDEpidemiologySubstance use and HIV; biosensors; ecological momentary assessment (EMA)
Diana Wilkie, PhD, RN, FAANNursingUse of informatics to promote patient-centered care and big data science; pain assessment; biobehavioral therapies for cancer pain; behavioral correlates of cancer pain; palliative and end-of-life care; sickle cell disease pain mechanisms, assessment and management; reproductive choices for people with sickle cell disease or sickle cell trait; intervention research.
Adam Woods, PhDClinical & Health PsychologyCognitive aging, attention/speed of processing, working memory, neuroplasticity/neuromodulation, non-invasive brain stimulation, clinical translational neuroscience