Vidhya Sagar Kommu, PhD: Fogarty Postdoctoral Fellow



Affiliation: National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences. Bangalore, India

Hometown: Turkayamajal Kammaguda, Hayath Nagar, Telangana, India

Research Interests: Cognitive behavior therapies in anxiety, depression and behavioral addictions and substance use disorders and neuropsychological interventions

Why did you choose to complete your post-doc at UF?: I chose to complete my post-doc at UF as it provides excellent learning opportunities to newer methods of research which would aid me in contributing to the scientific research in my country and my career development. Previous UF fellow’s contribution to the field of academics and scientific research is evidence for the quality of training they received at UF which was also a motivating factor for my choice of completing my post-doc here.

Long term Career Goals: To become an excellent academician with expertise in both research and clinical practice.

What philosophy guides your education: Each individual is unique and has unique potentials and that education helps manifest those potentials to use them for the betterment of humanity.

What do you see as the most pressing public health problems facing the world today?: Depression, alcohol related harms, and behavioral and technology addiction.