Substance Abuse Research: from the Bench to the Community Group

NIDA T32 Training Program

Many faculty and students in the SARB2C research group are affiliated with our NIDA T32 Training Program, University of Florida Substance Abuse Training Center in Public Health.

PHHP Research Day 2017

Facilitated by Linda Cottler

What is the SARB2C Group? SARB2C which stands for Substance Abuse Research from the Bench to the Community is a group of investigators and their students at UF and other universities with a focus on translational science regarding T1 to T4 substance use and addiction research. The group meets monthly to share ideas that focus on collaborative research initiatives. Given the continued national opioid epidemic, and other drug use on the rise, there is an explicit need for translational research, and training the next generation of scientists, in this important area.

Contribution to science

Numerous publications both past and recent in the areas of the epidemiology of opioid use, misuse, dependence, ED (emergency department) utilization for opioid use, pain and opioids, drug development, Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP), prevention of opioid use among the community, neuroscience, pain, Neonatalabstinence syndrome (NAS), disposal of opioid pills, harm reduction research, forensics, policy evaluation, medical examiner data, and comorbidities are focus areas of their teams.

Teams of scientists range from professors to NIDA and other fellows from 8 UF Colleges spanning T1 to T4 translational areas.

Sources of data for primary and secondary analyses of opioid use

Multiple sources of data are funded to conduct addiction research on multiple topics. UF is a site for ABCD, HBCD, NDEWS, HealthStreet, One Florida, PDMP, and Pharmacogenetics data

FROST data, Claims data, SNOW data, RCMAR, Drug Discovery, and many more.

What opportunities exist to participate in addressing the specific research areas?

Access to patients throughout Florida (One Florida)

Access to community members throughout Florida (HealthStreet)

ABCD study site

Access to NFL players who have been assessed previously

Members of Alachua County Opiate Task Force with Sheriff’s Office, DOH, Fire Rescue, UF

OD (Overdose) surveillance

International expert in toxicology/forensics/medico-legal death investigation

Pain Research and Intervention Center of Excellence (PRICE)

Training Center for Substance Abuse Module assessment for DSM 5 substance use disorders

Consent2Share (UF Health patients are asked to participate in research)



UF Health Cancer Center

Center for Addiction Research & Education (CARE)

Southern HIV & Alcohol Research Consortium (SHARC)

Resource Centers for Minority Aging Research (RCMAR)

Pepper Center

Institute on Aging

McKnight Brain Institute

Genetics Institute

Home of a NIDA T32 focused on prevention and public health consequences of substance abuse (Director LB Cottler) and an NIDA T32 focused on aging and pain (Director R Fillingim), and NIAAA-funded T32 focused on alcohol and HIV infection.

Host site for “Our Community, Our Health”: a monthly national town hall meeting to disseminate research findings

Lake Nona –Center for Pharmacometrics and Systems Pharmacology

CTSA Translational Drug Development Core