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Spring 2015

Yanning Wang, MSE

Yanning Wang, MSEThesis: Medical and Nonmedical Use of Prescription Stimulants among Youth 10 to 18 Years of Age
Mentor: Linda B. Cottler, PhD, MPH, FACE

Summer 2015

Adam M. Reid, MS, MSE

Adam M. Reid, MS, MSEThesis: Dissemination of Therapist-Assisted in Vivo Exposure Therapy in a Sample of Community Practitioners
Mentor: Catherine W. Striley, PhD, MSW, ACSW, MPE

Spring 2016

Amy L. Elliott, MSE

Amy L. Elliott, MSEThesis: Illicit Drug Users Are Interested and Willing to Participate in Health Research
Mentor: Catherine W. Striley, PhD, MSW, ACSW, MPE

Danmeng Li, MD, MS, MSE

Danmeng Li, MD, MS, MSEThesis: Interactions of Family History of Breast Cancer with Radiotherapy in Relation to the Risk of Breast Cancer Recurrence in a Population-Based Breast Cancer Registry
Mentor: Lusine Yaghjyan, MD, MPH, PhD

Joyce Danielle Sharpe, MSE

Joyce Danielle Sharpe, MSEThesis: Surfing for Flu: Comparing Google, Twitter, and Wikipedia as Tools for Influenza Surveillance Using Bayesian Change Point Analysis
Mentor: Robert L. Cook, MD, MPH

Summer 2016

Katherine De La Torre, MD, MSE

Katherine De La Torre, MD, MSEThesis: Impaired Lung Function in a Hispanic Diabetes Population: the Relationship between Metabolic Risk Factors and Pulmonary Function
Mentor: Catherine W. Striley, PhD, MSW, ACSW, MPE

Fangyu Su, MSE

Fangyu Su, MSEThesis: Telomerase Pathway RNA Expression as a Prognostic Marker for Lethal and Metastatic Prostate Cancer
Mentor: Travis Gerke, ScD, AM

Fall 2016

Marko Predic, MSE

Marko Predic, MSEThesis: Evaluation of Patient Risk Factors for Carbapenem-Resistant Enterobactericeae Infection
Mentor: Cindy Prins, PhD, MPH, CIC, CPH

Spring 2017

Allison Kowalski, MSE

Allison Kowalski, MSEThesis: Interaction of Alcohol Consumption and Adjuvant Hormone Therapy in Relation to Breast Cancer Free Survival among Women with Primary Breast Cancer
Mentor: Lusine Yaghjyan, MD, MPH, PhD

Akemi Wijayabahu, MSE

Akemi Wijayabahu, MSEThesis: Effects of Sun Dried Raisins on Gut Microbiota Composition in Healthy Adults
Mentor: Volker Mai, PhD, MPH

Spring 2018

Crystal R. Almond, MSE

Crystal R. Almond, MSEThesis: Effect of Time of Day on Door Opening Rates in Neurosurgical Operating Rooms
Mentor: Cindy Prins, PhD, MPH, CIC, CPH

Summer 2018

Shannan N. Rich, MSE

Shannan N. Rich, MSEThesis: Determinants of Virological Failure in HIV+ Patients Receiving Antiretroviral Therapy in Haiti
Mentor: Robert L. Cook, MD, MPH

Fall 2018

Sarah Barbey, MSE

Sarah Barbey, MSEThesis: Interaction between Frailty and Sex on Mortality after Elective Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Repair
Mentor: Lusine Yaghjyan, MD, MPH, PhD

Sara Katherine Nutley, MSE

Sara Katherine Nutley, MSEThesis: Willingness of Individuals with Eating Disorders to Participate in Health Research
Mentor: Catherine W. Striley, PhD, MSW, ACSW, MPE

Rebecca Hunter Smith, MSE

Rebecca Hunter Smith, MSEThesis: An Analysis of Lyme Disease Based on Baseline Factors and the Development of Comorbid Conditions
Mentors: Catherine W. Striley, PhD, MSW, ACSW, MPE; Mattia Prosperi, MEng, PhD

Jessica Williamson, MSE

Jessica Williamson, MSEThesis: Microbiota of Cancerous and Healthy Breast Tissue
Mentors: Volker Mai, PhD, MPH; Lusine Yaghjyan, MD, MPH, PhD

Spring 2019

Upuli Dissanayake, MSE

Upuli Dissanayake, MSEThesis: Bacteriophages Reduce Pathogenic E. coli Counts in Mice without Distorting Gut Microbiota
Mentor: Volker Mai, PhD, MPH

Jia Qi, MD, MSE

Jia Qi, MD, MSEThesis: Association of Adipose Tissue Distribution with Type 2 Diabetes among Breast Cancer Patients
Mentor: Ting-Yuan (David) Cheng, PhD

Jamilah Tejan, MSE

Jamilah Tejan, MSEThesis: Appropriateness of Urinalysis Orders among Healthcare Workers at a Tertiary Care Hospital
Mentor: Cindy Prins, PhD, MPH, CIC, CPH

Fall 2019

Gage Odom, MSE

Gage OdomThesis: Perceived Risk of Weekly Cannabis Use, past 30-Day Cannabis Use, and Frequency of Cannabis Use among Pregnant Women in the United States
Mentor: Catalina Lopez-Quintero, MD, PhD