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Our students represent states throughout the US and countries across the globe! Click the map to enlarge and view details.

Michael Asare-Baah

Michael Asare-BaahBachelor of Science, Nutrition and Food Science, University of Ghana
Research Interests: Implementation research with a focus on infectious disease of poverty (TB, TB/HIV), infectious disease epidemiology, and public health epidemiology
Mentors: Sonja Rasmussen, MD, MS; Michael Lauzardo, MD, MSc

Dakota Mayderry

Dakota Mayderry
Mentors: Jinying Zhao, MD, PhD; Lauren McIntyre, PhD, MStat

Hunter Ponder

Hunter PonderBachelor of Health Science, University of Florida
Research Interests: I am interested in access to healthcare and global health.

Nana Ayegua Hagan Seneadza

Nana Ayegua Hagan Seneadza
Mentor: Robert L. Cook, MD, MPH

Kaitlin Sovich

Kaitlin SovichBachelor of Arts, Anthropology, University of Florida
Bachelor of Arts, Sociology, University of Florida
Research Interests: I am interested in exploring issues related to HIV/AIDS, stigma and its impact on access to preventive health care, and aging.

Erica Swilley

Erica SwilleyMentor: Jinying Zhao, MD, PhD

Naile Tufan Pekkucuksen

Naile Tufan PekkucuksenDoctor of Medicine, Ankara University
Research Interests: I am interested in kidney disease epidemiology and global health.