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Clinical Assistant Professor
HPNP 4144
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Dr. Mark Hart is a Clinical Assistant Professor for the Department of Epidemiology. He received his doctoral degree in Curriculum and Instruction (Educational Technology) from the University of Florida, and his dissertation was entitled: Social Media and Public Health: Perspectives on Implementing a Social Media Presence for a Public Health Organization. Previously, Dr. Hart also worked as the Director for the Rural South Public Health Training Center which focused on educating public health workers working in medically-underserved areas specific to HIV/AIDS.

Dr. Hart has various research interests relating to public health and educational technology. Recent publications have centered on the role social media can play in formal and informal learning for students and public health workers. Specific focus has been giving on the role Social Networking Sites, like Facebook, can be used in conjunction with formal education as well as for the professional development of public health workers. Recent work has centered on app review and evaluation in public health, as well as the usage of text messaging campaigns, and creating and studying avatar/virtual doctor usage in health settings.  Dr. Hart has also recently participated in the Mobilizing Action for Resilient Communities (MARC) grant through the Robert Woods Johnson Foundation to promote the concept of educating communities on the effects of childhood trauma and how to build resiliency at the individually and community-levels.