Lusine Yaghjyan, MD, MPH, PhD


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Dr. Yaghjyan is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Epidemiology. Dr. Yaghjyan completed her Doctoral Degree in Epidemiology at the University of Cincinnati in 2009. She has joined the Department in 2013 after completing her postdoctoral training in Cancer Prevention and Control at Washington University in St. Louis and Siteman Cancer Center. Dr. Yaghjyan has considerable experience in cancer epidemiology and environmental epidemiology. Her research focuses on mammographic breast density and breast cancer risk, biological pathways from high breast density to breast tumors, molecular epidemiology of breast cancer, and the role of environmental exposures in breast carcinogenesis. Dr. Yaghjyan has field work experience on projects examining association of environmental chemicals with pubertal maturation and other health effects in young girls and effects of uranium on breast cancer risk. Her prior research also includes studies on colorectal, lung, prostate cancers and melanoma.

With the funding from the UF Cancer Center, Dr. Yaghjyan has recently completed a study of tissue-based associations of stem cell markers with breast density. She is currently funded through the UF Health Cancer Center to investigate the role of intestinal microbiome in the endogenous estrogen metabolism, as well as composition of microbiota in normal breast tissue. Dr. Yaghjyan explores variety of risk factors throughout the woman’s lifespan, such as diet and risk factors related to childbearing, in relation to the risk of high breast density and breast cancer. She has recently completed a study of associations between air pollution and breast density in Breast Cancer Surveillance Consortium. Dr. Yaghjyan continues to actively collaborate with researches from Nurses’ Health Study and Mayo Clinic. Using the data from NHANES, Dr. Yaghjyan explored the associations of numerous personal characteristics and lifestyle factors with phthalate metabolism patterns as well as examined associations of the phthalates with body mass index and circulating lipids. With collaborators at UF, she is exploring geographic disparities in advanced cancer diagnosis in Florida.

Dr. Yaghjyan has taught graduate courses in Epidemiology methods and  Molecular Epidemiology and has mentored both public health and epidemiology graduate students. She is a member of the American Association for Cancer Research, Women in Cancer Research, and American Association for Preventive Oncology. She is the Chair of the Admissions and Awards Committee within the Department.


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