DAISY 2020

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From Precision Medicine to Precision Life

A Workshop on Transdisciplinary Data Science

Feb 2–4, 2020

University of Florida, Gainesville

Given recent advances in data science in all disciplines, interesting opportunities are available for computationally mining heterogeneous and unstructured big data –like electronic medical record notes, social media data, environmental and organizational newsfeeds – with methodological tools including natural language processing, pattern recognition, and network analysis.

These methodological tools are essential for advancing the science in many fields, but especially bridging fields together. In fact, the same methodologies and data used to answer research questions related to bio-health informatics can be used for answering research questions in psychology or organizational science. The difference is in (1) domain knowledge / extant theory, and (2) outcomes.

With this workshop, we aim at creating a common data model that bridges different disciplines by merging theory and outcomes. Our shared modelling aims are: “reproducibility, intepretability, and actionability.”

The purpose of this workshop is to address these challenges and opportunities by bringing researchers from different fields together, as data scientists. As a transdisciplinary use case, we will bring together health and organizational/management science, identifying life outcomes that encompass the two.

The workshop will feature invited presentations, welcoming so-called ‘antilogoi’ that means debates on a topic with opposite point of views. After talks, moderated panel and round table discussions will involve the whole audience. The attendees will include academic leaders and thought experts, as well as early career faculty, and graduate students from College of Medicine, College of Public Health and Health Professions, and Warrington College of Business.

Organizers and Sponsors

Jiang Bian, PhD
Associate Professor
Department of Health Outcomes and Biomedical Informatics
College of Medicine
Director, Cancer Informatics and eHealth Core Program
University of Florida Health Cancer Center
George Michailidis, PhD
Department of Statistics
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Founding Director
University of Florida Informatics Institute
Mattia Prosperi, MEng, PhD
Associate Professor
Preeminence Faculty
Department of Epidemiology
College of Public Health and Health Professions and College of Medicine
Mo Wang, PhD
Lanzillotti-McKethan Eminent Scholar Chair
Director, Human Resource Research Center
Chair, Management Department
Warrington College of Business
Collaborative sponsor: The Data Science and Applied Technology Core (DSAT), led by Drs. Todd Manini and Sanjay Ranka

Open the workshop program.

The workshop will be able to accommodate ~60 people and we will process RSVPs in the order we receive them until the planned cap. Please send your inquiries to disl@phhp.ufl.edu.

The event will also be livestreamed. See program for details or send us an inquiry for virtual registration and you will be sent the live links.

Footnote: The workshop acronym is DAISY, which sounds graceful and easy to remember. We reverse engineered it into DAta Intelligence SYmposium, but any other interpretation is welcome!