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Mission Statement

DISL’s interests are in the areas of data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI). Our research activities include both theoretical and applied studies aimed at developing prediction models of future health and life aided by technology and data intelligence. We leverage AI with a critical eye on causality, working on multi-domain, muti-layer big data –socioeconomic, ecological, clinical, and pathogen genomics. We are committed to a multi-cultural, equal opportunity educational and professional environment.

Current Projects

Artificial Intelligence and Counterfactually Actionable Responses to End HIV (AI-CARE-HIV)

sponsored by the National Institute of Health. This R01 grant will apply original “causal AI” models to design interventions apt to improve HIV outcomes in Florida. For an updated list of current projects, please see Dr. Mattia Prosperi


For an updated list of current projects, please see:

Team Lead

Mattia Prosperi

Mattia Prosperi PhD, FAMIA

Professor And Associate Dean For AI And Innovation
Phone: (352) 273-5860

Current Members

Name Title Email
Sarah E Ser Sarah E Ser GRADUATE AST-R
Scott A Cohen Scott A Cohen MD-PhD Student; Mentored By Dr. Mattia Prosperi & Dr. J Glenn Morris
Shantrel S Canidate Shantrel S Canidate Assistant Professor; EPI Associate Director For Outreach And Community Partnerships
Simone Marini Simone Marini Assistant Professor
Yiyang Liu Yiyang Liu Research Assistant Professor

Former Members

Zhaoyi Chen Jae Min Kai Wang Shantanu Ghosh Shannan Rich Rodrigo Mora Rodrigo Mora
Zhaoyi Chen Jae Min Kai Wang Shantanu Ghosh Shannan Rich Rodrigo Mora Tayla M Hunt


The National Science Foundation and the University of Florida present a premiere workshop in AI Governance in For-Profit and Not-for-Profit Organizations. Artificial intelligence (AI) has economic and social impact in significant areas of human life. Algorithms are increasingly used to generate predictions that feed into decisions about who is eligible for insurance coverage, approved for bank loans, and selected for job interviews.

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