UF Epidemiology in the Effort Against COVID-19

Student Deployments

Student Name Program County of Deployment Dates of Deployment
Jaquelyn Nagy MPH State of Florida Bureau of Public Health Laboratories – Jacksonville March 30 – April 14
Catalina Delgado MPH Broward April 25 –
Rebecca Fisk PhD Broward March 22 – April 5
Alexis Guttenberg MPH Broward March 19 –
Papa Hoyeck MPH Broward March 19 – May 2
Emily Klann PhD Broward March 21 – April 19
Afton Nourzad MPH Broward March 21 –
Adeyemi Oshodi MPH Broward March 22 – May 16
Veronica Richards PhD Broward March 21 – April 19
Isis Escandon MPH Collier April 13 –
Ann-Aicha St. Cyr MPH Duval March 22 –
Joseph Struzeski PhD Duval April 3 –
Kaeli Flannery MPH Lake April 5 –
Charlee Ford MPH Miami-Dade March 31 – April 14
Upuli Dissanayake PhD Osceola March 24 – May 7
Dakota Mayderry MSE Osceola March 24 –
Andrew McCabe MPH Palm Beach April 30 – June 10
Hunter Ponder MSE St. Johns April 1 – April 30
Lara Saikaly MPH St. Johns April 16 – April 30
Patricia Zielinski MPH St. Johns April 1 – May 6
Sara Nutley PhD Sumter March 31 – May 13
Shannan Rich PhD Sumter March 31 – May 13
Scott Cohen MPH Volusia April 5 –
Jemma Thompson MPH Wakulla March 23 –

Volunteer Contact Tracing in Gainesville/Alachua County

Student Name Program
Erta Cenko PhD
Amy Elliott PhD
Shannan Rich PhD
Michael Swain PhD
Pooja Subedi PhD
Akemi Wijayabahu PhD

Workplace Connectedness Series


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