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UF studies explore how public health professionals use Twitter for professional development, public education

Published: Nov 7th, 2017

Public health practitioners are actively using Twitter as a platform for networking and development, allowing them to overcome some barriers to professional growth, such as reduced staffing, according to research […]

How love and support helped UF Health couple land prestigious K awards

Published: Oct 26th, 2017

National Institutes of Health-funded Career Development Awards, or K awards, can be a game-changer for junior faculty members who are trying to initiate research careers. The prestigious awards provide invaluable […]

Dr. Robert L. Cook

UF launches new study of marijuana’s health effects in people with HIV

Published: Oct 24th, 2017

In January, Florida’s Amendment 2 took effect, granting citizens with serious illnesses, including HIV, legal access to medical marijuana. While there is some evidence that marijuana may improve HIV-related symptoms, […]


100% of Epidemiology Students Published in 2016-2017

Published: Oct 18th, 2017

The 2016-2017 academic year was a busy time for the Department of Epidemiology’s PhD students. 100% of our 23 PhD students published at least one manuscript or letter to the […]

Dr. Robert L. Cook

Dr. Robert Cook Awarded NIDA R01 Grant to Study Marijuana and HIV

Published: Oct 18th, 2017

Robert L. Cook, MD, MPH, Professor in Epidemiology, Director of the Southern HIV and Alcohol Research Consortium (SHARC) and Chair of the Florida Consortium for HIV/AIDS Research (FCHAR), has achieved […]

The Fresh Wagon

HealthStreet Collaborator Serves as Vehicle for Change

Published: Oct 18th, 2017

In partnership with HealthStreet and UF/IFAS, the Fresh Wagon Mobile Farm Market Employee Wellness Pilot Program was launched in early 2017. Between February and June of this year, the Fresh […]

Epidemiology PhD Students Publish in Several Elite Journals

Published: Sep 19th, 2017

Over the past months, Epidemiology PhD students have seen several first-authored publications appear in elite journals. In June, Epidemiology PhD student Zhaoyi Chen and Epidemiology faculty Dr. Mattia Prosperi published […]

Dr. Mattia Prosperi Receives Grant from National Science Foundation

Published: Sep 19th, 2017

Associate Professor in Epidemiology Mattia Prosperi, MEng, PhD, recently received a Science of Organizations (SoO) grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF). Dr. Prosperi will partner with the UF Department […]

Epidemiology PhD Student Elected President of PHHP DSC

Published: Sep 19th, 2017

PhD student in Epidemiology Sadaf Milani was recently elected as president of the PHHP Doctoral Student Council (DSC). The purpose of the DSC is to foster social integration and academic […]

Drs. Sherrilene Classen and Sonam Lasopa Named PHHP 2017 Outstanding Alumnae

Published: Sep 5th, 2017

The College of Public Health and Health Professions is pleased to announce the PHHP Outstanding Alumni for 2017. They will be honored at a ceremony during the college’s alumni reunion […]