Alyssa Falise received the 2023 Cluff Aging Research Award

Alyssa Falise, Ph.D. Candidate in the Department of Epidemiology received the 2023 Cluff Aging Research Award. She was one of two students who received this prestigious award and an award. The aim of this award is to encourage students to conduct scholarly investigations and research on topics related to the aging process and older adults.

Falise was recognized for her study entitled “Screening the “Invisible Population” of Older Adult Patients for Prescription Pain Reliever Non-Medical Use and Use Disorders,” published in the Journal of Substance Use & Misuse. This study examined why the rate of opioid use disorder among older adults has tripled between 2013 and 2018 and is expected to keep rising due to higher substance use rates.

The study showed how older adults are not screened as often as younger people for problematic prescription pain reliever use. She found in order to improve screening rates and accurately identify those who need substance use treatment; medical professionals need more training focused on addiction and better collaboration between pharmacy, geriatric, addiction, and family medicine.

Falise is mentored by Dr. Catherine Striley and Dr. Catalina Lopez-Quintero.