Christina Parisi and Sara Nutley awarded NIH F31 fellowships

Two doctoral students in Epidemiology, Christina Parisi and Sara Nutley, were awarded the National Institutes of Health F31 fellowships. Each recipient receives funding for two years.

Parisi’s study titled, “The impact of health disparities and alcohol use on late diagnosis of HIV in Florida: Understanding missed opportunities using a statewide dataset,” is funded by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA). The study aims to describe the population diagnosed with HIV at a late stage of infection as well as the incidence of late diagnosis, examine longitudinal outcomes following a late diagnosis, and explore mechanisms of late diagnosis, missed opportunities for HIV testing, and new potential points of intervention. Parisi is under the mentorship of Dr. Robert Cook, Dr. Natalie Chichetto, Dr. Awewura Kwara, Dr. Shantrel Canidate, and Dr. Zhigang Li and has support from the Florida Department of Health.

Nutley’s study titled, “The heterogeneity of hoarding behavior: characterizing disorder diversity to distinguish etiology and longitudinal symptom course,” is funded by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH). This study aims to identify and characterize hoarding disorder subgroups on the basis of symptom profile and clutter-related functional impairment, investigate variation in HD etiology following the classification of subjects into hoarding symptom subgroups, and assess the differential impact of HD subgroups on the longitudinal course of hoarding symptom severity. Nutley is under the mentorship of Dr. Carol Mathews and Dr. Catherine Striley.