Christina Parisi received the 2022 Epidemiology Chair’s Travel Award

Christina Parisi, Ph.D. student, was selected to receive a Chair’s Travel Award for her attendance at the 6th Annual Meeting of the Research Society on Marijuana, where she presented a poster as well as an oral presentation. This event was held in Boston, MA, on July 22-24. Parisi is mentored by Dr. Robert Cook and Dr. Natalie Chichetto and worked on this project with Dr. Yan Wang, Dr. Robert Cook, Dr. Deepthi Varma, and Dr. Krishna Vaddiparti.  

Travel Location: 6th Annual Meeting of the Research Society on Marijuana in Boston, MA, on July 22-24, 2022 

What was the presentation title? I gave a poster and oral presentation both titled “Changes in marijuana use frequency among people with HIV during the COVID-19 pandemic: A multi-methods exploration” at the 6th Annual Meeting of the Research Society on Marijuana. I presented as part of a symposium titled “Different methods in measuring cannabis use and outcomes in diverse adult populations” with Dr. Robert Cook, Dr. Yan Wang, and Mark Britton. 

What is one thing you learned during your time there? I learned a lot about leading issues in cannabis research in the United States and Canada and saw challenges that areas with varying legalization statuses are dealing with in terms of balancing the benefits and harms of cannabis. I also learned about specific groups, such as youth/young adults, older adults, and people with HIV, who experience unique outcomes and issues from cannabis use.