Poster Session

Thursday, February 17th

3:30 pm – 5:00 pm: Poster Session

Presenters and Presentation Titles

Breakout Room # 1:

  • “Cultivating Core Competencies in Multiculturalism and Equity during Graduate Programs in CSD”
  • Candice Adams-Mitchell, SLP.D., Kristen Lewandowski, MS, Karen Hegland, PhD, Emily Plowman, PhD, Charles Ellis, PhD

Breakout Room #2:

  • “Facilitating Graduate Student Cultural Competence Using Self-Evaluation and Reflective Writing”
  • Kristen Lewandowski, M.A, CCC-SLP

Breakout Room #3:

  • “Operationalizing DEI in an Occupational Therapy Advocacy Course Using a Discovery Process of Student Identified “A-ha DEI Moments” from Level II Fieldwork”
  • Becky Piazza; Consuelo Kreider

Breakout Room #4:

  • “Development of a community-based, trauma-informed, resilience-building public health course for MCH graduate students”
  • Allen, A., Carr, C., Dixon, B. N., King, L. M.

Breakout Room #5:

  • “The Use of Transdermal Optical Imaging Technology to Reduce the Disparity of Cardiovascular Disease Mortality in Rural Communities”
  • Michelle Aleman, Samantha Latsko, Sabrina Lopez

Breakout Room #6:

  • “Increasing Diversity through Holistic Admissions for Graduate Programs in Speech-Language Pathology”
  • Karen Hegland, Emily Plowman, Candice Adams-Mitchell, Kristen Lewandowski, Charles Ellis

Breakout Room #7:

  • “Racial and ethnic differences in initiation of menthol tobacco smoking and subsequent tobacco use in the Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health Study, Waves 1–4 (2013–2018)”
  • Xinyu Yan, Ramzi G. Salloum, Man-Chong Leong, Georges E. Khalil, Ji-Hyun Lee, Xiang-Yang Lou

Breakout Room #8:

  • “Assessing the need for smart Continuous Glucose Monitors to promote diabetic self-management among low-income youths.”
  • Bhatt, Divyang; Patel, Parth

Breakout Room #9:

  • “Using Artificial Intelligence to address hesitancy in the COVID-19 vaccine among African Americans”
  • Anne Schweitzer, Jacqueline Banas, Rachel Bennett, Frederick Kates

Breakout Room #10:

  • “A Team Science Reflection on the Importance of (2TI) Transparency, Truth, and Intention in Research for and with Black Women’s Reproductive Health”
  • Karen Awura-Adjoa Ronke Coker, Tyler Scott Nesbit, Dr. Larry Forthun, Dr. Sarah McKune

Breakout Room #11:

  • “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Research Opportunities: Adding Complementary Learning to Emerging Health Technology/Artificial Intelligence Lessons”
  • Rachel Bennett, Brandi Caughorn, Noah Hammarlund, Frederick R. Kates

Breakout Room #12:

  • “Racial differences in anxiety, depression, and OCD in school-age children, one year into the COVID-19 pandemic”
  • Daniel Acosta, Yui Fujii, Diana Beaulieu, Anthony T Maurelli, Eric J Nelson, Sarah L. McKune

Breakout Room #13:

  • “Equity Analysis: Combining ArcGIS and AI to Determine and Identify HIV/AIDS Populations for Interventions”
  • Shamika Chavda, Flora Maran, Elizabeth Rom, Frederick Kates, Rachel Bennett

Breakout 14:

  • “Redlining and environmental justice: identifying the roots of child health vulnerabilities to climate change”
  • Devon Nenon, Yui Fujii, Eric Coker

Via Zoom:

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Audience – all faculty, staff, students