Yaghjyan receives Florida DOH grant

Dr. Lusine YaghjyanDr. Lusine Yaghjyan, assistant professor in Epidemiology, received funding from FL Department of Health Bankhead-Coley Cancer Research Program to develop a centralized data center and biospecimen infrastructure to support breast cancer prevention research in Florida targeted to screening-aged women. The grant will build a comprehensive research infrastructure with standardized collection of epidemiologic data and urine/stool/breast tissue samples for future breast cancer prevention research. In this 3-year collaborative grant that involves UF, Moffitt Cancer Center, and University of Miami, the team will enroll ~1,600 women undergoing routine screening mammography at imaging centers affiliated with 3 project sites; develop methods for outreach and recruitment of minority/ underserved women; collect detailed lifestyle, medical and reproductive histories; collect and bank urine, stool and breast biopsy tissue samples, and germline DNA; assemble digital imaging data from mammograms and establish a reading center at Moffitt for centralized, standardized evaluation of breast density and novel high-risk mammographic features. The project will improve infrastructure/resources in Florida in the designated areas of tissue banking, medical imaging, and health disparities. The unique resources assembled through this initiative will have potential to yield valuable new findings with rapid impact for breast cancer prevention in Florida and beyond.