Epidemiology New Student Potluck

New Student potluckOn September 8th, both new and continuing Epidemiology PhD students gathered together to welcome the new cohort of doctoral students and to celebrate their diversity. An array of foods were served from various continents in the “Epi Kitchen” such as: Chinese spicy cold dish, and dumplings; Korean inarizushi; Albanian lima beans Sitting in bay leaves; Sri Lankan yellow rice; Nigerian jollof rice, and meat pie; American buffalo chicken dip, macaroni and cheese and white chocolate raspberry cheesecake; corn tortilla chips and hatch green Chile salsa; Nepalese gundruk (fermented greens).  Awards were also given out for categories such as: Fan Favorite, Most Exotic, Most Delicious, Best Aroma, Best Sweet Dish, Best Savory Dish, Most Tantalizing Looking Dish, Most Look-Easy to Prepare, and Most Look-Difficult to Prepare. We are so excited to have such a diverse cohort join our department. Welcome to UF Epidemiology!

*Photos courtesy of Kevin Bitsie Photography*