Epidemiology MSE Student Earns Spot in Prestigious NICAP Summer Internship Program

Upuli DissanayakeThe Neuromedicine Interdisciplinary Clinical and Academic Programs (NICAP) comprises leaders, faculty, residents, fellows, staff and both undergraduate and graduate interns. Founded in 2010 by Dr. David Guzick and UF Health Leadership, this program strives to create the ideal patient experience. Epidemiology’s MSE Student, Upuli Dissanayake was recently awarded a graduate lead position on the Reduce Variation Team, which is one of four different teams, each with different aims all geared toward improving physician and patient hospital experiences through different interventions and studies. During this internship, students rotate across clinical, administrative, and quality improvement arenas in the neurosurgery and neurology departments. The hope is that the programs implemented by NICAP will play a crucial role in changing and improving the culture of UF Health. We are incredibly proud of Upuli for earning her spot in this prestigious internship program!