Epidemiology PhD Student Receives UF Informatics Institute Award

The 2018 UF Informatics Institute (UFII) Graduate Student Fellowship received many strong proposals submitted by students and their faculty mentors across UF. “Level Analysis of Rheumatoid Diseases via Multi-Domain Machine Learning,” by graduate student Zhaoyi Chen, mentored by Associate Professor Mattia Prosperi, MEng, PhD, was awarded funding through this UFII Fellowship. Using big data, Zhaoyi will develop prediction models for rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and other rheumatoid diseases (RD). He will develop an algorithm to distinguish between patients with RA and RD by integrating multi-domain data, including individuals’ demographic information, clinical comorbidities, and certain environmental indicators. By examining how other rheumatoid conditions cluster in RA patients, Zhaoyi will create a “temporal relationship map” of comorbidities and their relationships with diseases on the RA/RD spectrum. Congratulations to Zhaoyi Chen for receiving this amazing award!