Dr. Xinguang (Jim) Chen -Fellow of the American College of Epidemiology

Dr. Jim ChenProfessor in Epidemiology Xinguang “Jim” Chen, MD, PhD, FACE has recently become a Fellow of the American College of Epidemiology (FACE). Over the length of his career, Dr. Chen has had a wide array of experiences with issues in epidemiology, from stress and substance abuse to HIV, and has contributed to many advances in research, such as developing a new method to improve survey data quality that reduces social desirability bias. Dr. Chen has served as Chair of the Advisory Committee for the Mid-Yangtze River Public Health Consortium in China, as a UF Faculty Senator, and as a tenure and promotion committee member for both PHHP and COM. We are incredibly proud of Dr. Chen for becoming a FACE, and we cannot wait to see how he works to improve the global cross-cultural and transdisciplinary perspective of epidemiology for future generations to come.