Dr. Robert Cook Awarded NIDA R01 Grant to Study Marijuana and HIV

Robert L. Cook, MD, MPH, Professor in Epidemiology, Director of the Southern HIV and Alcohol Research Consortium (SHARC) and Chair of the Florida Consortium for HIV/AIDS Research (FCHAR), has achieved yet another scientific success in the area of HIV research. Dr. Cook was recently awarded a $3.2 million R01 grant from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) to study the health outcomes and cognitive effects of marijuana use among persons living with HIV and AIDS. Dr. Cook and his team at the SHARC Center for Translational HIV Research will conduct a longitudinal cohort study of 400 persons living with HIV infection in order to determine their marijuana consumption habits and identify relationships between marijuana consumption and control of HIV symptoms, HIV viral suppression, markers of chronic inflammation, and cognitive or behavioral aspects of health. We are incredibly proud of Dr. Cook for his receipt of this grant. Congratulations!