Epidemiology announces 4 graduates this semester

Epidemiology is proud to announce that three PhD students successfully defended their dissertations and one MSE student passed his thesis to graduate in fall 2016. Dr. Abenaa Acheampong Jones passed her final dissertation on September 28 titled “Sex, Drugs, and Violence: A Longitudinal Analysis of the SAVA Syndemic among Women Involved in the Criminal Justice System.” She has taken a post-doctoral position with Johns Hopkins University.  Dr. Shahab Bozorgmehri defended his dissertation titled “Renal Dysfunction After Surgery for Urologic Cancer and Other Diseases” on November 3 and will stay at UF in the Department of Nephrology as a Post-Doctoral Associate. Dr. Amal Wanigatunga will continue his research in aging at Johns Hopkins University in December, after defending his dissertation titled “The Influence of Structured, Long-term Exercise on Objectively Measured Daily Activity in Older Adults” with success on November 10.  Marko Predic will receive his Masters of Science in Epidemiology at graduation after he passed his thesis defense, “Evaluation of Patient Risk Factors for Carbapenam-resistant Enterobacteriaceae Infection”. Congratulations!