Dr. Striley Part of Panel in Showing of “Breaking Points” for Community

breakingpointsDr. Catherine Striley, an assistant professor and director of the Master of Science in Epidemiology (MSE) program in the Department of Epidemiology, was part of a panel held at the new “Hall of Heroes” in the Gainesville Police Department headquarters held on September 15, 2016. A showing of “Breaking Points”, a film highlighting dangers of prescription stimulant misuse among high performing teens and the performance stresses that drive such misuse was shared. After the showing, Dr. Striley presented information from the NMAPSS study that interviewed 11,000 youth in 10 U.S. urban, suburban, and rural areas. She further presented information on the dangers of diversion and perceptions of peer use as well as how parents can warn children from young ages on how to say no when others ask them to trade or sell their medication. The department is delighted with the work faculty are doing in the community and enthusiastic about opportunities to share important research with the people of Gainesville. This event was sponsored by the Health Promotion and Wellness Coalition in Alachua County.