3 Epidemiology PhD students chosen for scholarships to SISMID

SISMIDThree PhD students in Epidemiology were selected for scholarships to attend the 7th Summer Institute in Statistics and Modeling in Infectious Diseases (SISMID) at the University of Washington this summer. Sheldon Waugh, Shivani Khan, and Sonam Lasopa will travel to Seattle in July to participate in the Summer Institute, which consists of several 2 ½ day modules. Each student will attend three modules conducted by experts in the subject fields designed to introduce participants to modern issues and challenges in biostatistics, genetics, infectious diseases, epidemiology and clinical trials.  Last year, two Epidemiology students, Taj Azarian and Diana Rojas, attended the 6th Summer Institute, so we look forward to the knowledge and experience that this year’s participants will bring back when they return.