Ron I. Shorr, MD, MS

June 2017

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April 2017

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March 2017

Naseri C, McPhail S, Francis-Coad J, Haines T, Etherton-Beer C, Morris ME, Flicker L, Shorr R, Bulsara M, Netto J, Lee DC, Waldron N, Boudville A, Hill AM. Effectiveness of falls prevention interventions for older adults newly discharged from hospital: a systematic review protocol. JBI Database System Rev Implement Rep. 2017 Mar;15(3):686-693. doi: 10.11124/JBISRIR-2016-002952. PMID: 28267030

January 2017

Staggs VS, Olds DM, Cramer E, Shorr RINursing Skill Mix, Nurse Staffing Level, and Physical Restraint Use in US Hospitals: a Longitudinal Study. J Gen Intern Med. 2017 Jan;32(1):35-41. doi: 10.1007/s11606-016-3830-z. Epub 2016 Aug 23. PMID: 27553206

July 2016

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June 2016

Naples JG, Marcum ZA, Perera S, Newman AB, Greenspan SL, Gray SL, Bauer DC, Simonsick EM, Shorr RI, Hanlon JT. Impact of Drug-Drug and Drug-Disease Interactions on Gait Speed in Community-Dwelling Older Adults. Drugs Aging. 2016 Jun;33(6):411-8. doi: 10.1007/s40266-016-0373-2. PMID: 27138955

May 2016

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