Grants & Contracts

Name Funding Agency Year Role

Xinguang (Jim) Chen, MD, PhD

Comparing the Effectiveness of Two Alcohol Adherence Interventions for HIV+ Youth NIH/NIAAA 2013-2018 Co-I
Modeling Quantum Change in Adolescent Sexual Initiation and Condom Use NIH/NICHD 2013-2018 PI
Phase ½ of Aerosolized Survanta for Neonatal Respiratory Distress Syndrome FDA 2014-2018 Subcontract PI, Co-I/Biostatistician
Alcohol Consumption Patterns on Cardiovascular Health in Persons Living with HIV NIH/NIAAA 2015-2017 Mentor
The Impact of Long-term Marijuana Use on the Neurocognitive Functioning of Individuals Living with HIV NIH/NIDA 2015-2017 Mentor

Ting-Yuan (David) Cheng, PhD

mTOR Pathway in Breast Cancer Subtypes by Race: A Molecular Pathological Study NIH/NCI 2017-2021 PI

Robert L. Cook, MD, MPH

Effects of Experimentally-Induced Reductions in Alcohol Consumption on Brain Cognitive and Clinical Outcomes and Motivation for Changing Drinking in Older Persons with HIV Infection NIH/NIAAA 2011-2021 PI
Southern HIV Alcohol Research Center (SHARC) Admin and Research Support Core NIH/NIAAA 2012-2017 PI
Miami Women’s Interagency HIV Study NIH/NIAID 2013-2017 Co-I
Designing User-Centered Decision Support Tools for Chronic Pain in Primary Care AHRQ 2015-2019 Co-I
Alcohol and HIV: Biobehavioral interaction and intervention – Brown University ARCH NIH/NIAAA (subcontract from Brown University) 2015-2020 Co-I
Health Outcomes and Cognitive Effects of Marijuana Use Among Persons Living with HIV/AIDS NIH/NIDA 2017-2022 PI

Linda B. Cottler, PhD, MPH, FACE

Indo-US Training in Chronic Non-Communicable Disorders and Diseases Across the Lifespan NIH 2011-2017 PI
Transformative Approach to Reduce Research Disparities Towards Drug Users NIDA 2011-2017 PI
University of Florida Substance Abuse Training Center in Public Health NIDA 2014-2019 PI
ABCD-USA Consortium: Research Project NIDA 2015-2020 Subaward MPI
University of Florida – Mt. Sinai Medical Center Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center NIA 2015-2020 Co-I
Florida Department of Health – Ed and Ethel Moore Alzheimer’s Disease Research Program Florida Department of Health 2016-2018 PI
Rides and Resources for Rural Residents (R4) Florida Blue Foundation 2016-2019 PI

Hui Hu, PhD

The Total Environment and Hypertensive Disorder of Pregnancy: A Precision Public Health Approach American Heart Association 2017-2020 PI

Volker Mai, PhD, MPH

Understanding Antibiotic Resistance Occurrence and Development of Mitigation Strategies in Cattle USDA 2015-2017 Co-PI
Role of Intestinal Bacteria in Human Norovirus Infection NIH 2015-2020 Co-I
Big Data Approach for Correlating Gut Microbiota with Epithelial Methylation Pattern NIH/NCI 2016-2017 MPI

Thomas A. Pearson, MD, MPH, PhD

An Ethnicity-Specific MetS Severity Score to Assess Risk: The Jackson Heart Study NIH/NHLBI 2014-2019 Co-I
The OneFlorida Clinical Research Consortium PCORI 2015-2018 Co-Leader
Together: Transforming and Translating Discovery to Improve Health NIH/NCATS 2015-2019 PI

Mattia Prosperi, MEng, PhD

Computational Methods for Microbial Next-Generation Sequencing Data UK BBSRC 2014-2017 Co-I (honorary role after leaving UK)
Systems Immunology of the Human Life Course – Phenotyping Immune Responses in Asthma and Respiratory Infections – A Systems Approach to Understanding Changes from Childhood to Adulthood UK MRC 2014-2019 Co-I (honorary role after leaving UK)
Management of Standardized Evaluation of Retroviral HIV Infection (MASTER) IT MISI Foundation 2015-2018 PI
Virogenesis: Virus Discovery and Epidemic Tracing from High Throughput Metagenomics Sequencing EU 2015-2018 PI of Work Package
Big Data Approach for Correlating Gut Microbiota with Epithelial Methylation Pattern NIH/NCI 2016-2017 Co-I
Endotype Discovery in Prostate Cancer and Multi-domain Analysis of Age-related Comorbidities University of Florida’s Health Cancer Center & Institute of Aging 2016-2017 MPI
Enhancing Pre-exposure Prophylaxis Implementation to Optimize Individual and Community-level Impact NIH 2016-2018 PI of subcontract
A Person-Centric Prediction Model of Job Loss based on Social Media NSF/SES 2017-2020 PI

Ron I. Shorr, MD, MS

Fall Prevention in High- and Low-Fall Hospital Nursing Units NIH/NIA 2016-2018 PI

Catherine W. Striley, PhD, MSW, ACSW, MPE

University of Florida Substance Abuse Training Center in Public Health NIH/NIDA 2014-2019 Mentor
University of Florida – Mt. Sinai Medical Center Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center NIH/NIA 2015-2020 Co-I
Prevalence of TD and Tics in a Community-Recruited Sample of Adults from Haiti Tourette Foundation 2016-2017 PI
Rides and Resources for Rural Residents Florida Blue Foundation 2016-2019 Co-I

Jinying Zhao, PhD

Epigenetic Determinants for Depression: A Monozygotic Discordant Twin Study NIH/NIMH 2013-2018 PI
Whole-exome Sequencing Study of Diabetic Nephropathy NIH/NIDDK 2015-2020 Co-I
Novel Metabolic Predictors of Diabetes in American Indians NIH/NIDDK 2016-2020 PI
Genome-wide profiling of brain DNA hydroxymethylome in Alzheimer’s disease NIH/NIA 2016-2021 PI
Tulane COBRE for Clinical and Translational Research in Cardiometabolic Diseases NIH 2016-2021 Co-I