Hui Hu, PhD

Hui Hu

Research Assistant Scientist
CTRB 4224
(352) 294-5944

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Dr. Hu received his PhD in Epidemiology at the University of Florida in 2016. As an epidemiologist with specializations in spatial analyses and health data science, Dr. Hu’s research interests focus on health effects of environmental exposures, substance use, and racial disparities in health outcomes. He has been involved in a number of NIH-funded research projects, where he managed and analyzed multiple large datasets such as the Epidemiologic Catchment Area Study, the Afghanistan National Urban Drug Use Study, the SEER registries, the NHANES data, and the Florida Vital Statistics Birth Records. He was also a fellow of the Insight Health Data Science program, where he developed a web application with interactive maps to help people with disabilities in Massachusetts to find the best neighborhood to live using machine learning models, integrating data from different sources.